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A Career In Diving.

I think (because I am not a parent myself) that any 18 year olds parent biggest worry is most probably - how is my child going to be able to look after him/herself” one day! So from an early age you are looking out for […]

Why Would I Like To Learn To Scuba Dive?

The only way I can convince you is by telling my story. I have this cousin Steffen – he was a proper and real hooligan or ducktail as we would refer to in the old days! He started working for SA Breweries and a dive […]

A Mask Clear – Simplified.

The dreaded mask clear. Certainly one of the most hated scuba diving skills. Also definitely one of the biggest reasons people stop diving. Let us be frank, water up your nose is exceptionally uncomfortable and instantly surfaces images of drowning for someone new to the […]

Become A Padi Divemaster!

Love scuba diving? Becoming a PADI Divemaster is your first step to living life as a professional diver. As a PADI Divemaster you’ll not only get to dive a lot, but also experience the joy of seeing others have as much fun diving as you […]

What???!!! Chase The Sharks, Noooooo.....

As everyone knows at Scubaversity, sharks are my favourite fish in the sea! However, it wasn’t always so. I’d grown up with the Jaws movie and was terrified that I’d land up in its jaws when I was blissfully swimming in the waves. But then […]