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Bacon is the duct tape of the Kitchen it can fix everything. How to eat a “Bekka Broodjie” Before I start to explain how to eat a “Bekka Broodjie,” Let me tell you why it is called a “Bekka Broodjie,” Cause it is made with […]

Scuba Diving In A Time Of A Global Pandemic

May 2020 | By Roxanné Mower “Scuba diving in a time of a global pandemic”…. What does that even mean? For most of us recreational scuba divers, there seems to be very little that we can do, especially since most countries, like South Africa, went […]

One Of Luke Caisley's Top 10 Dive Experiences

One of my top 10 dive experiences. #scubaversitydiveclub.It was June 2018, water was icy cold because Sardine Run was happening. Activity everywhere and beautiful flat calm waters in Aliwal Shoal. The launch was filled with whales, dolphins, and bait balls, filled with birds diving into […]