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My Definition Of Scuba Diving

Diving MandyZ COMMENTS 21 Sep, 2016

When someone asks me “what is it like to scuba dive?” My answers are quite simple.

It's peaceful. Everything is shaded in all different beautiful blues within the ocean; it’s so quiet; you feel as though you're free of the effects of gravity (though of course you're not); and things move more smoothly, more gracefully, and more slowly. And because diving requires that you regulate your breathing, it's calming.

It's fascinating. This is probably as close as you will ever get to explore an alien world. You get to view plants, animals, shapes, colors and patterns that most of us don't see every day.

It’s Inspiring. Seeing and hearing the majestic animals that live beneath the waves makes you feel one with them. You start to realize how incredible and wonderful each animal is and you feel the urge to help and protect them.

It’s one of the most wonderful and mesmerizing experience of one's lifetime. Hidden away from our familiar human world is a spectacular natural underwater world full of vibrant colors and textures, naturally crafted structures, exotic creatures, sea anemones and a whole lot more, that is waiting to be travelled around. Adventure sports which include scuba diving and freediving open up an array of opportunities to get up close to this fantasy land and experience the captivating visual treat to the eyes.

Amy-Sarah Lottering

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