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 The Reef Depth Mask is made from high density Silicone and has a Tempered glass lenses with a low volume Silicone skirt for better fit and less water pressure while diving. The Patented foldable innovative buckle connector design allows a… - Read More

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Scuba dual lens design offers a generous field of view, making it easy to enjoy the underwater sights. The mask's low volume design is easy to clear while the liquid silicone skirt Is both comfortable and keeps water out. An accompanying snorkel includes… - Read More

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Element Steel Comp Mask Black/Black

The ultimate freediving mask, the, dual lens STEEL COMP is particularly well-suited to deep diving. It has the lowest possible internal volume so equalizing is easy. Plus, on descents the mask itself compresses, so equalization is not required as often.… - Read More

R 1,150.00

·      Extremely low volume design ·      Swivel and easy-adjust buckles. ·      Ideal for hunters and photographers. ·      The highest grade silicone… - Read More

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M4 Black

·         Hollis M4 Frameless Mask ·         Frameless Mask Design ·         Black Silicone Skirt ·        … - Read More

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Diving mask M3 HOLLIS The M3 mask of HOLLIS is exceptional. This mask whose skirt is made of 100% silicone, has two glasses made by Saint-Gobain, the "Crystal-Clear". This glass is designed with a low iron content that gives this dive mask a superior… - Read More

R 1,350.00

The Mask Strap Wrapper is a high quality neoprene mask strap cover that fits over your mask strap for added comfort and ease of use. Elasticated edging and high quality stitching.  Prevents Tangling Hair by covering the silicone or rubber… - Read More

R 150.00

Underwater pressure equalization mask prevents dizziness, vertigo and disorientation Special tube and seal system automatically equalizes ear pressure as diver exhales into mask Prevents pressure-induced ear ache (barotrauma)  Enhanced underwater… - Read More

R 907.00

This mask has a larger field of vision compared to many of the diving masks in the market; despite the increase, the internal volume remains small because the lenses are brought closer to the eyes. The strap buckles are attached directly to the… - Read More

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Rob Allen
RePlay Black

Rob Allen Replay Dive Mask Soft Comfortable Silicone Skirt Moulded in Sport Camera mount – Compatible with GoPro Cameras. - Read More

R 600.00

·      Frameless mask made from hypoallergenic liquid silicone ·      Easy adjusting mask buckles attached to the skirt. ·      Fits a wide range of facial profiles with comfort.… - Read More

R 590.00

The Rob Allen Snapper Evo mask is a medium-high volume mask. It’s a good choice for those with broad faces who want maximum field of vision. - Read More

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Sola Mask

A high-quality, affordable, re-usable Face Mask designed for the Public / Civilian as an alternative to poor-fitting, disposable surgical masks or makeshift items such as scarves, buffs and homemade fabric filters. * The mask is made of FDA Approved… - Read More

R 150.00

A modern low profile, clear and open-view single lens mask. Dual colored frameless single-lens design for signifi cantly increased field of vision Crystal clear double sealed silicone skirt for superior fit and comfort. Low volume design for easy clearing.… - Read More

R 1,540.00

This no-frills dual-lens mask offers a good field of view to enjoy the underwater sights, low volume so it’s easy to clear, and a liquid silicone skirt that’s both comfortable and seals water out. What more could you ask from an inexpensive mask? - Read More

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Synergy Mini Blue/Black Skirt

The Synergy Mini is a downsized version of the Synergy Twin mask. Its smaller frame and skirt create a comfortable and watertight seal for divers who have had issues getting the full-sized Synergy Twin to seal on their faces. The Synergy Mini benefits… - Read More

R 1,995.00

The SYNERGY TWIN TRUFIT benefits from SCUBAPRO's second-generation Trufit technology. This design approach features a mask skirt with thicker, firmer silicone near the mask frame to provide support and rigidity, and thinner silicone contouring the face… - Read More

R 1,540.00

The skirt is made of very soft hypoallergenic liquid silicone, and its highly ergonomic shape makes it suitable for any shape of face. - Read More

R 695.75

All black Aqua Lung Technisub Micromask. Aqua Lung has truly reinvented the diving mask with its new Micromask. This Innovative mask will thrill Scuba divers, freedivers and spearfishermen alike. The Micro mask's revolutionary design has moved the Lenses… - Read More

R 1,199.00

The Zoom is a completely new low volume dual lens mask that is ideal for all divers, but is especially well-suited to divers who use optical lenses. The mask has a brand new lens change system that enables you to switch lenses yourself, without tools,… - Read More

R 1,250.00

Stylish Low Volume Design meets High Visibility Bonded Panels. Finally a mask made specifically for women and smaller faces is here. Side Window Masks with blinding corners are a thing of the past with the introduction of the Coral. We have packed comfort,… - Read More

R 1,047.00

A large single lens plus seamless side windows equals an expansive view under water. The double-sealed silicone skirt offers a seal that is both comfortable and watertight. Swivel buckles allow for the perfect fit and an exclusive paint process lets… - Read More

R 1,895.00

Ultra clear liquid silicone Superior ultra-clear optical glass Wide field of vision Trouble free buckles Double feathered edge super-soft liquid silicone skirt with stability ridges UV & chlorine resistant elastic ski-goggle style strap provides… - Read More

R 1,640.00

Sharing the design scheme of the new D-Series D420 regulator, the new D-Mask is a sleek, premium mask well-suited for all types of diving. The mask features true colour UV protective lenses that deliver the best balance of surface protection and underwater… - Read More

R 3,685.00