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Vortex V12 XL


Vortex V12 XL

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The Oceanic Vortex V12 Fins have been designed and made to enhance speed and efficiency. Being a split blade design, they work differently from a standard paddle blade. With a split fin, every up, the blade opens and allows water to spill through and every down is where you get your power. You can save huge amounts of air and energy when using a split blade and they will also prevent cramping. The Oceanic V12's and a heavy, tough fin that will last forever due to the extra thick side rails to give plenty of support to the blade itself. This fin works by creating a vortex in the water that effectively helps you on your way by giving you that thrust behind you.

The Vortex V12 comes with stainless steel bungee straps that are extremely durable and last longer than the rubber straps. They are coated with a rubber jacket to prevent any catching and have a oversized handle to allow an easy on and off wven when wearing thick gloves. They are designed to be worn with a 5mm dive boot.

·         Stainless Steel Bungee Straps

·         Duroprene and Natural Rubber Fin

·         Rigid Side Rails

·         Split Blade

·         Propel Like Technology

·         Ergonomic Foot Pocket

·         Quick Release Buckles

·         Oversized Strap Handle

·         Wide Comfortable Foot Pocket

·         Conserves Air and Energy

·         Easy on your legs

·         Suitable for Diving or Snorkelling


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