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Mantis 1 Edition

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·         All dive computer algorithms factor in depth, bottom time and gas mix to calculate deco time.

·         These enable the adaptive algorithm to adjust for each diver's experience level, age and physical conditioning.

·         Heart Rate Monitor by visually monitoring your heart rate you can better assess your workload - real time - and promptly react to heightened stress or over -exertion.

·         This patent-pending feature provides yet another aspect of your physiology that can be factored into the workload algorithm.

·         Can be a valuable aid when exercising or lap swimming in shallow water.

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6 x 6 x 5 inches ; 8 ounces

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11.2 ounces



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A TOTALLY CUSTOMIZED DIVE COMPUTING SYSTEM This computer is all about you. With easy-to-use features, it's the world's first wristwatch-style personal dive computer with Human Factor Diving. Every dive, and every diver, is unique. That's why a personal dive computer needs to be just that - personal. Not a one-size-fits-all instrument that delivers the same basic computations regardless of whether it's being used by a 25-year-old dive instructor or a 55-year-old novice diver carrying a couple extra pounds around the waist. Human Factor Diving is an exclusive SCUBAPRO approach to equipment design that combines Human Factors & Ergonomics (an engineering doctrine that focuses on the interaction between products and the people who use them), Biometrics (the science of measuring and analyzing a person's biological data), and Wearable Technology (gear designed to be worn on the body) to create high-tech scuba diving products that are compact, easy to use and, MOST importantly, provide detailed real-time self-tracking reports on how your body is functioning, both on the surface and at depth, so you can get the most out of your body, out of your dive, and out of your life. There's no better example of this blend of high-tech form and function than the MANTIS. Offering a totally customized wristwatch-style dive computing system that's super easy to use, the MANTIS features a visually pleasing display screen, an intuitive menu and a simple circular navigation system, making it one of the most user-friendly dive computers on the market. But what makes the MANTIS truly unique is its ability to provide you with personalized data through the use of biometrics. This allows you to maximize your body's operational efficiency; it lets you know when you're over-exerting or under-exerting, and it alerts you to potential problems before they escalate into major events. In short, this type of self-tracking helps increase diving performance and decrease injury, and that boosts confidence.


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