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WHAT WE DO Eat, Sleep, Dive,...Eat, Sleep, Dive,...

The diveclub has more than 3000 members and organizes amazing socials and trips. Coastal trips are fun and filled with action-packed activities such as diving, hiking, off road driving and parties in which all family members are invited.Kiosk Area

We are really working hard at making Scubaversity “The place you’d rather be” having revamped our entertainment area at the top with a new roof for shade, a beautiful beach and sea scene for you to come and relax! An as alternate to our toasted sandwiches, the kiosk also offers pizzas! Simply choose the ingredients for your pizza and we'll cook it in our very own unique pizza oven called the Scubaverity Pizza Kombi. The pub is also now offering R&R + G&T slush and our very own unique scuba cylinder draught machine - a perfect opportunity to get sloshed with friends and family, "grin", just remember to Uber when you come and visit.